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Amazing App Features

This new software is very smooth and elegant, with very interesting features and of course Works on Win/MAC/Linux/Tablets and Smartphones, iOS and Android with responsive design. Works on Kiosks as well.

Custom Appearance

Completely white labeled with your own branding, color schemes, name, logo etc. Design & upload unlimited graphic elements like templates, backgrounds, clipart etc.

Best Shopping Cart

Capability for handling large volumes as well as provision for printing jobs outsourcing. Multiple currencies. Sales & statistics reports. Multiple payment gateway association & different shipping methods.

System Integration

Webservices for full integration of the software with other systems / websites. Integration with social networking applications and Photoproviders like Facebook, Picassa, Dropbox, Instagram & many more.

Complete Backoffice

Very complete backoffice that gives total freedom to manage, create and edit products, campaigns partners, graphic elements, currencys, languages, emails, dictionary, and much more…

Cloud Service

Cloud-based solution keeping the user database in your control. Create multiple agents & create microsites for each partner. Huge array of backgrounds, clipart, masks available online.

Multi-Language Support

More and more organisations are seeing the need to make their site internationalised. Our software has multi-language translation as well as support for RTL (Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu languages).

Product Versatility

Create photobooks, albums, gifts, calendars, print & posters, greetings, business cards, brochure, leaflets & many more products. Develop discount campaigns for your clients (promotional coupons & Groupon codes).

Enhanced Editor

Image composition features. Tools for color correction & image enhancements. Page layouts (manual/automatic with Smart autofill) and amazing features like Face Detection, Color Recognition and Dimensions Detection.
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Sunpics - Enhance your creativity with our intuitive HTML5 Photo Software!

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Cloud Experience

Don’t let the distance stop you. Enhance your creativity with our intuitive HTML5 Photo Software anywhere and get an enriching experience.

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Our programmers and designers have their fingers dipped in all sorts of diverse digital pies & we’re incredibly proud of the varied work we do. We have clients who sell products ranging from holiday photo books, calendars, business cards, greeting cards and many more. So if your customers want to go on a holiday and share memories, show the love for their wives, want to gift their parents a nice greeting card or personalize a pillow cover, you would want to get our solution.

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Our office is located in the city of Braga near the train station. From there, five minutes by car and perhaps three minutes for a crow. It is a just a stone’s throw away from the gas station. But fortunately no one has tried that yet.

We would love to talk about how we can grow your photo-finishing business online. Contact us today to find out more.

Give us a call or arrange a meeting at our office & we will get the kettle on.


Avenida Cónego Jorge Peixoto Coutinho nº 126 1º Maximinos,

Tel.: +351 253 181 150

Fax: +351 253 181 159

E-mail: info@arealmedia.com

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About Us


Founded in 2004 ArealMedia has developed products for several business sectors, with the photography sector its core focus. ArealMedia develops tailor-made projects for firms and proposes advanced technology solutions, with a solid know-how of what adds value to your business.

Areal Media has a very clear mission concerning the business sector in which it operates. In the professional photography sector it intends to be considered an online IT solutions and services supplier.We are heavily committed to client satisfaction, creating value for firms using our products.

We are able to achieve our goals on account of our human resources specialized in various areas, strategic consultancy, graphic design and programming.
We intend to continue growing and generate satisfaction for all our customers and business partners.

Quality Policy

AREAL MEDIA – Software Development, Co, strives to provide services of excellence, with the goal of permanently satisfying its clients, stakeholders and meeting legal requirements.
For this it undertakes the challenge of maintaining a Quality Management System according to the norm NP EN ISO 9001.

Areal-Media undertakes to:

Areal Media expects all employees to make a total commitment to continuous customer satisfaction, providing all the support in order to guarantee an environment of growth and trust.

The system management scope:

The quality management system applies to the activities developed by Areal Media, namely, software development on a web platform; implementation and management of IT solutions for professional photographers and labs.

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